Our Story

The brand Shepherd For Men was created to offer young and dynamic men, quality grooming and skincare products that are extremely mild, yet highly effective. The brand was born out of our quest to find high quality grooming products at affordable prices. At Shepherd, we strive to offer exceptional quality, and hence each of our products goes through a 4-step process.

Research – The inception of each formulation starts with understanding the needs of the user and what they want each product to deliver.

Sourcing – Our ingredients have its origins in exotic botanical extracts acquired from all over the world

Formulating – Each of our products is carefully blended with modern technology and scientific methods of formulation, to enhance the power of our natural ingredients that deliver the desired results.

Finishing – Each product is finished with a fine fragrance to give the user a multi-sensory experience. Our products will not only leave your hair and skin soft and hydrated, but will also leave you feeling and smelling your best.

We believe that fine grooming does not need to be complicated to be effective. A simple daily grooming regime can add quality to life.

In 10 years when your body and skin are healthy, you won’t regret the time and money invested.